Welcome to Master Art Fabrication’s Diverse Portfolio: At Master Art Fabrication imagination meets ingenuity. Dive into our curated showcase, highlighting our prowess in Fiberglass & G.R.C., Faux Rock Building, Sculpture, 3D Designs, Polyurethane Theming, and captivating Art Installations

  • Ka’ahumanu Sculpture
    Discover monumental bronze sculptures in Hawaii, USA, by Artistic Installations. From profound narratives in public spaces to celebrating cultural diversity, our work leaves lasting impressions. Explore captivating installations, including a beautiful statue honoring the beloved queen of Hawaii at her birthplace.
  • Modern Marvels in Motion
    Discover architectural wonders crafted from fiberglass & GRC in Dubai’s theme park. Explore how innovation meets durability, redefining contemporary artistry. From themed wonders to faux rock structures, experience the essence of modern design.